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An underground utility locate is valid only while original markings are visible, report and markings coincide, there are no changes to location or nature of work, excavator remains within the confines of the locate, there are sufficient time and resources to allow for a thorough locate, access is not restricted, our experienced judgement determines the extent and duration of the locate, you have signed our work authorization, and ABLE1CALL has released the area for excavation.

Markings and drawings are approximate. GPR depths are only to the TOP of the facility, and approximately +/- 1/3 of depth. Depths by other methods are not to be considered valid.

Locating methods and equipment used by Able1Call meet accepted locating practices. We take care to do as thorough a locate as possible however each of the methods we use has inherent limitations and is dependent upon utility materials and congestion, ground conditions and water table levels, depth, interference, and more.

Exposing is the only accurate method of locating utilities therefore, we do not offer guarantees or warranties that all utilities are found or that our markings are accurate. We do not offer refunds. We are not liable for damages incurred as a result of any locate. It's the excavator's responsibility to ensure there is no damage to the located utilities during excavation. Neither placing a request with the One-Call Center nor having an on-site locate performed removes that responsibility. It is your responsibility to expose utilities with methods appropriate to the prevention of injury and damage.

All activities near buried utilities are required to conform to WCB regulation 20.79 Excavations, Underground Utilities. Leave flags and markings in place for contractors' references. Contractors are to remove flags and markings after completion.

If you find any unmarked utilities, call us immediately.

Traffic Control is required when locating on public roads.

Please provide all documents, drawings, AutoCAD, 1call responses, site plans, and etc, that may be related to this job. Send to

A credit card pre-authorization is required prior to travel to your job unless other arrangements have been made.
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